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Health Care Reform, What is it Covering Up?

The issue of health care has taken over the public conscious, creating an issue that overnight seems to have taken many people’s eyes off of the current financial situation. The health care system is indeed in need of reform and is greatly flawed, but with it so suddenly becoming a polarizing talking point, I can not help but question, what are they trying to take our minds off of?

Do We Need Health Care Reform? Of Course!

There are many problems with the way health insurance companies operate, especially considering that there is a very good chance that your insurance company will drop you or deny you care when you need it most. Then, once dropped, it can be next to impossible to get insurance again if you have a “preexisting” condition.

When compared to other countries, our health care system is a sham and a disgrace, built upon profit margins and bottom lines, rather than helping those who need it.

The health care lobbyists that have inserted themselves into politics and purchased the votes of our congressmen is also an important issue. As are all the other corporations that pay millions to promote their agendas through our government.

Is the Health Care Issue Meant to Distract? Possibly

With that said, one can not help but wonder about the timing and that if this current health care ‘crisis’ is not simply another cleverly engineered crisis brought about to help keep our minds off of our financial problems. Perhaps the strongest argument against this, other than the actual need for health care reform, is that it is not an election year.

To reiterate, this is not to say that we do not need health care reform, as this is something that really makes our country look years behind most other developed countries, and even a few undeveloped countries. However, the timing of this newest crisis is questionable, but we most desperately do need an affordable way to take care of our people.

However, with the way the banking crisis helped provide McCain and President Obama a powerful talking point and scare tactic during the previous election, which resulted in fast tracking one of the greatest robberies and transfers of wealth of our time, it is hard to not ask what this current health care crisis is meant to take our minds off of.

In the same way our elected officials stripped us of our constitutional rights with the patriot act, arguing that they were protecting us, I can not help but question, what are they buttering us up for this time? What piece of legislation will be pushed though using the tried and true argument, “If we don’t do anything, the World Will Collapse.”